How to Add the KOINU Token to Metamask Wallet

2 min readJul 11, 2021

Configure the wallet

First make sure you have followed the instructions of our previous post and are using the BSC Network.

Adding the KOINU token

We are going to add a custom token, specifically the KOINU token so we can see the amount of KOINU tokens in our Metamask Wallet.

Click on Add Token button at the bottom of Metamask.

Select Add Token

We will then see the empty Add Tokens screen to add a custom token.

Add Tokens

Next copy & paste the KOINU Contract Address 0x116F6a5860490E166A6c9F34808A41c24271557A into the Token Contract Address Text Box.

Copy & Paste KOINU Contract Address

You will notice, after a few seconds, the Token Symbol and Token Decimal fields will be automatically filled.

Click Next. Then click Add Token Button in the following screen.

Click Add Tokens Button

You have now successfully added the KOINU Token to Metamask.

KOINU Token has been added

Now if we go back to our Account Screen we will see the amount of KOINU Tokens in our wallet.

Now it’s time to Buy some KOINU Tokens

Done! Please look out for our next article on How to Purchase KOINU Tokens using PancakeSwap V2.